Together we’ll heal your shadows, overcome your challenges and get you unstuck for good.

BS-free coaching to help you free your fierce

1:1 Coaching

You’re a unique human on your own unique path which means you need coaching that’s flexible to where you’re at, what your goals are and the blocks that are stopping you. I’ll be intuitively guided by our work together and draw from a range of tools and techniques to help you navigate your life and challenges in real-time.

This is deep work for those who want to take real action to get to where they want to be fast.

A deep and highly personalised partnership

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  • Move from feeling shut down and numb into connected and expansive

  • Heal shadows and inner child wounds that have been holding you back from experiencing true peace and joy

  • Reconnect with your soul, intuition and deepest truth.

  • Transform your fears and pain into your purpose and mission 

  • Shift patterns of people pleasing and self abandonment into healthy communication and boundary setting

  • Rewrite beliefs that have been keeping you stuck in self-doubt and imposter syndrome

  • Rediscover your innate wholeness and worthiness and learn to let this flow into every area of your life 

  • Break free from harmful coping mechanisms (binge eating, drinking, netflix or scrolling) and step into discipline and self-care

  • Learn to regulate your emotions so you can step out of fear, triggers and frustration

  • Step into your sovereignty and ability to self-lead so you can create the life you want



A 4 day retreat designed for the woman who wants to experience deep emotional healing, self acceptance and self love.

 For the woman who wants to:

Self-paced online courses

Get started on your journey from self-sabotage to radical self-love with online courses you can complete in your own time.

Triggers Toolkit — get back your control and start feeling good about yourself and your actions

Complete MINDBODY Reset — Breakfree from binge eating and step into radical self acceptance